About WiiKAN

Bring your retail and exhibit space to life with custom designs. Wiikan Creative Worx are experts in maximizing customer engagement by making a brand’s physical presence more memorable.

Whether you need a simple illuminated sign for inside your retail space or an elaborate installation to create an immersive customer-centric experience, Wiikan’s team is at your service.

Wiikan Creative Worx is a trusted name in the exhibit marketing and retail display space. Since 1990, our team has put design innovation and customer service first.  With decades of experience in display marketing, each project incorporates custom elements tailored to the company’s brand and showcase environment.

Brands from around the world rely on Wiikan’s team to bring forward innovative ideas that leave a lasting impression.

From design, to material sourcing, shipping, installation, and even maintenance, you’ll enjoy a seamless experience. Get high quality, durable exhibitions at the best prices.

Wiikan’s designs are showcased at at over 60 shows annually in Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East & the Orient.


Ben Mizrahi

Ben Mizrahi worked in the turnkey custom exhibit industry for the majority of his career. As a Co-founder of Wiikan Creative Worx, Ben oversees creative. He works directly with clients to ensure the highest standard of quality on all projects.

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Avy Zohar

Avy has an innate ability to analyze diverse situations and develop effective and out-of-the-box solutions to meet deadlines and consistently exceeds clients’ expectations in projects’ costs and turn around while maintaining top quality.

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Our Team

Our partners are miles above the competition. We work with an amazing dynamic staff. Our team are highly trained trusted and dependable.