Custom Design Tradeshow Rentals

Rent your Unique Custom Trade show Exhibit Booth in Vancouver!

Vancouver is a great town for tradeshows. If you are scheduled to exhibit in a tradeshow in Vancouver, and are looking to RENT a Creative Custom Trade show solution to exhibit your best- then look no further!

Wiikan Creative Worx is Vancouver Based supplier offering a wide array of Custom components to create your own unique looking booth, just like a home away from home! If you already have your booth, we can also stage, store, ship and install- dismantle your booth for you.

Maximize your Trade-show ROI and stretch your marketing Dollars!

Click here to Check out the various case studies for CUSTOM RENTAL booths we have recently provided our customers, or contact our designers today for further details (contact link).



Case Studies – Custom Rental Booth in Vancouver

Customization Available