Trade Show Rentals

Welcome to the SHARED ECONOMY,
Trade-show style:

Increase traffic to your booth by renting a UNIQUE looking booth at a similar price to a GENERIC / Run-Of-The-Mill standard booth

If you’re a local business exhibiting in Vancouver, once or twice a year, or an exhibitor from out of town, coming to a show in Vancouver – our High-standard Rental package Exhibit is your way to achieve Maximum Exposure and ROI.

Three reasons to rent from Wiikan Creative Worx:

  1. Take advantage of our INVENTORY of custom exhibit parts to create your unique custom looking Exhibit booth;
  2. Get an automatic 25%-35% discount on additional rental within a 12 months period – when you rent an Exhibit from us;
  3. View your booth before the show at our local warehouse to ensure there are no last-minute un-pleasant surprises.

Browse through the images below or click on the download button to see sample packages and prices; additional customization is available to suit your ideas and vision. Terms and conditions apply; prices subject to change without notice.

Maximize your Trade-show ROI and stretch your marketing Dollars;
ive us a call or drop us an e-mail to learn how!